CVD Grown MoSe2 film -10mm*10mm

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1. Isolated flakes: The isolated triangle MoSe2 flakes is monolayer, single crystalline flakes, and well distributed on the whole surface of the substrate. 

2. Monolayer continous film: the monolayer and continuous MoS2 film come from the isolated MoSe2 flakes. The flakes continue to grow bigger and then form the continuous film. There are bilayer and multilayer areas on the film.

3. Multilayer continous film.


Other substrates and sizes are available upon requests. Contact: 


Isolated MoSe2 flakes


Continous MoSe2 film

Continous MoSe2 film


Raman shift of MoSe2 film



PL of MoSe2 film